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We’re happy you’re interested in Kohler Academy, and we can assist you with the process. Call us at (908)518-0021 and schedule a tour or to learn more information.

Under Federal law, qualifying children with special needs are entitled to a free and appropriate education. Parents are not responsible for the tuition costs or transportation costs at Kohler Academy. Tuition at Kohler Academy includes an educational program, therapies (Speech, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy and Behavioral Therapy), daily breakfast and lunch, Community Based Instruction, Job Sampling (Upper School) and a comprehensive individualized program.

Classes at Kohler Academy are small in order to provide a safe environment where our students’ needs are met every day.

At Kohler Academy, all of our teachers have earned New Jersey Department of Education teaching certifications with special education endorsements. Our teachers individualize their Language Arts, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies lessons using the New Jersey Student Learning Standards as well as the Essential Elements in preparation for taking the DLM, an alternate assessment for students with special needs. In addition to our academic program, students are exposed to a curriculum which includes Daily Independent Living Skills, Social Skills, Communication opportunities, Community Based Instruction and our Upper School students have opportunities to sample a variety of jobs at different stores, restaurants and other businesses around the community.

Kohler Academy’s staff of licensed and NJDOE certified Physical Therapists, Speech/Language Therapists, Occupational Therapists and Behavioral Therapists all work collaboratively as part of your child’s team while your child is a student at Kohler Academy.

At Kohler Academy, our campus reflects the close-knit, collaborative community that we are. You’ll find teachers, therapists, and our administration working together closely to support a collaborative model where each student’s specialized needs are the focus. Our school building is a safe and secure environment where classrooms, therapy spaces, life skills areas and our sensory room provides ample opportunities for not only student learning, but for our students to interact with the world around them in. Kohler Academy is also fortunate to be a part of Bancroft, providing our staff and our students a wealth of additional resources including Bancroft’s ABA Center of Excellence and professional development opportunities. 

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