Upper School

Independence & Transition

High School is a time of independence and transition and Kohler Academy’s Upper School program provides students with the ability to exercise their independence both in school, in the community and in the workplace while our staff supports students and families in developing plans for life after high school.

During weekly Community Based Instruction (CBI) trips, students navigate stores, make purchases and communicate with store personnel. 

Kohler Academy’s Job Sampling Program gives students the opportunity to practice job skills in a real-life workplace settings. Through the cooperation and support of surrounding businesses and merchants and under the direct supervision of Kohler Academy staff, our students work in a variety of businesses and restaurants, interacting with customers, carrying out their assigned job tasks and learning about the world around them.

Independent Daily Life Skills

Skills that are helpful for full participation in everyday life

After School

We know that juggling schedules can be a challenge, especially for working families with school age children. Kohler Academy offers families an on-site after care program (through The Arc of Union County’s Family Support services) providing students with supervised activities until 5:45 pm each day.

Camp Star

When Kohler Academy’s 7 week Extended School Year program ends, Camp Star offers a 4 week camp program in August.

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